Topics Consultation

Word Count : 500 words for each topic
Prerequisites : Finalized area of interest
Deadline : 30 Days
Work Delivery : One time topic choices sent through email
Revisions : 14 days minor adjustments in topic(s) allowed
Analysis : Not applicable
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  • 2 original and relevant topic choices will be provided
  • 500 words description for each of the topic will also be provided
  • 5 references related to the topic will also be shared
  • Data requirements will also be specified for each topic
  • 24X6 email support throughout work completion
  • Zero grammar or language errors
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While, I have been working in data mining for over 15 years, I could never think of such topics. Your team rocks
-Big Miller

Both the topics sound good to me. I don't know which one is better. Can you advise?
-Barbara Mitchell

Since, I may not have access to public health data of this kind, I would go with the one with primary research. I will take ethical approval for data collection and let you know on how to proceed with the proposal
- Johny Stamnesfet

I would prefer the first one on cultural impact as I have been interested in this for past few years. How long will it take to build a proposal on this topic?
-Rita Connor

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