Research Design

Word Count : Not specified
Prerequisites : Finalized area of interest and research objectives
Deadline : 30 Days
Work Delivery : Email, Skype Consulting
Revisions : 14 Days
Analysis : Not applicable
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  • Development of theoretical model
  • Best choice of research methods
  • Rationale for choice of a particular method
  • Annotated review of 10 related researches
  • 24X6 email support throughout work completion
  • Post completion consulting
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Your consulting helped me with developing concept paper
-Nuan Jill

Is it possible for you to write the methods chapter as well?
-Natalie Roberts

Thank you for walking me through the research design, I am now more confident of my work
-Margarie Symonds

I liked your work and consultant's approach for this research
-Chee Lee Jiung

Can you go over the methods and power analysis over again before I submit the proposal. I just want to be sure and reply so much on you Jonathan Melen

My proposal stands approved as of date. Thank you team Chanakya for making this happen all through in the past three months Brady Johnson

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